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Nami - Cat Burglar by Flaming-Goddess

Ahhh here we go again! ;)

Quite an excellent capture! Definitely a big wow factor!

Warm color tones look great and makes sense because you are dealing with the sun and it is usually flattering for fair skinned models!

Unfortunately, I wish the chin lighting was slightly filled out more, but just a minor nitpick.

The rim lighting is excellent (your body is outlined by the sun via backlight). It it is a very common technique to help separate the model from the background and it works very well here!

However, your arm has a blotch of light from the sun.... perhaps a bit too much. Again, just nitpicking here as it isn't truly distracting.

Background is difficult to see, but it was probably difficult to expose for it properly without blowing you out. I think it still works though since it puts focus back on the main subject -- you.

Tattoo edges look slightly visible, this can probably be re-fixed in photoshop. It seems pretty good though since you said it was put back in the post.

I love the angling and crop. I don't usually angle shots this way, so this appears unique to me. Crop is tight so there is nothing excessive in the shot. Everything that should be there.... is there.

Only minor dings on technique, but it is pretty darn good.
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Swoz Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the critique :D Sorry it's old and I am behind on the times. :p
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